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Concept I.S.T.A.
What signifies I.S.T.A.?

Literally : International School of Traditional Aïkido

In short, I.S.T.A. is an organization which is remained faithful to what must be aikido.

I.S.T.A is a model of organization which avoids the sportive, commercial and administrative drifts which underlies many aikido groups.
Fundamentally it is "One master-One dojo"

ISTA founder, Alain Peyrache

For more than 50 years now, he transmits his teaching to his students throughout the world, faithful to the traditonal aspects of Aikido.

He studied under Tamura sensei over 25 years. He is one of the founders of the France federations of Aikido, was director of the National Technical Grading Comitee, which he left, unwilling to continue in this path that corrupts aikido, that makes aikido a sport organization, where the teachers have no automony, where everything tends to satisfy one's ego, via a perpetual run for grading and political power.

He developped his own organization, faithful to what is a traditional dojo, in which Aikido was born. One Master - One Dojo

Regognized to be one of Europe's best aikido expert, he is technically almost perfect. It works everytime, with everyone, regardless of any background in aikido or not.
He leaves nobody indiferrent. At the first technique, you'll realize he totally masters the art.

To know more about him


sorry you won't find much aikido videos on him, and surely not "iphone applications" either!
And for the obvious reasons that one's does not give away freely its technical secrets to everyone on youtube. And anyway, as aikido is a philosophy, you can't learn it on video. You have to feel it directly.
He teaches only to his students. You want to know him, you have to come meet him, you won't be disappointed !



The traditional concept
One master - One dojo

More than 300 dojos are united under ISTA troughout the world

A traditional discipline is founded on a long experimentation over the time. Arts answering this definition are transmitted individuals to individuals, from master to student.
This teaching requests the genius of each one, it aims to freedom, to train autonomous people.

Aikido as a traditional art lie within this scope; the professor is the Master:
- Of his discipline
aikido is an art, and like such, it is adapted by the Master who practises and teaches his aikido. The way is like the wire of the sabre: a step on side, and one is not any more in the way. No compromise is possible, it is necessary that each one continues its research until the end.

- Of his practice
Each teacher adapts his practice to his age, his experiment, his physique, his research. The technique is a tool, a language, a mean and not a finality.

-Of his teaching
He teaches his art with apprentices put to the test (uchi deshi), according to personal principles for which he is the only responsible for.

He evaluates his own work, the delivery of ranks is his responsibility (who else could do it?)
His quality, the quality of its pupils, are the only witnesses of his competence.

It is important that one chooses his professor carefully, the traditional spirit not being alone systematically pledge of quality.
This system is certainly not perfect, the yin which cannot exist without the yang, but it remains according to us the most intelligent and adapted model for aikido.

From this model, joined with a right understanding of the basics of aikido, rises logically a certain type of practice, which insists on the essential and and proscribes any contradictory ways of practice.

In our organization, you will never see any " technical comitee" supervising aikido grading exams. This makes no sense. Only the dojo master can evaluates his students, as he is the one that knows them more. To evaluate one's technical progression by watching a stressfull "aikido exam" for 30 minutes is total nonsense.

You study aikido with a master, not with a federation, so there is no sense in being evaluated by someone else than your teacher and your teacher is the one you see every week, not the "shihan" you only see seldomly and in which dojo you are not even practicing. This is the traditional aspect of martial arts. So in that aspect there is no sense to keep attached to the "Hombu Dojo in Japan" if you are not effectively practicing there every week.

To be "Fifth dan Aikikai" doesn't mean anything. You are not the student of a federation, but of a master. You are 5th dan of "Mr or Mrs X". The Aikikai is the dojo of the aikido Doshu, now the Founder Grandson. You cant logically be discerned an aikikai rank if you are not effectively studing inside the Doshu's dojo.

The grading system in aikido only implies what is your place inside the dojo. Leave that dojo, your rank doesn't mean anything elsewhere. Same in every enterprise. You can be VP on a compagny, which gives your rights and duties inside that compagnie, via your boss, and if you leave this compagny and change for another, your have no "right" to expect keeping the same "rank" in this other compagny. It's the same in aikido. It determines your place in the dojo, nothing else. And only the teacher can evaluate that, because you are in his compagny, his dojo, you have a job to perform to keep this dojo alive and going. You leave the dojo, you leave your rank.
This is the traditional grading system.
Other than that, progression can only be determined by yourself. As aikido is a "way of life" a philosophy, a "spiritual path", nobody except yourself can evaluate your own progression. It would make no sense telling somebody " you are now fifth dan of spiritual development" !

This is what we have to offer in traditional aikido, a simple and efficient martial art, coupled with a consistent philosophical background which will keep you learning for years to come !